Michael has been helping students understand math and science for nine years now. So many students don't know that the math they're learning is useful and is supposed to make sense. If they ask "Why are we learning this stuff?" the answer is always something like, "You'll need it next year when you study the next level (Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, etc.)" Math seems to them like a bunch of arbitrary nonsense put together by humorless committees of gray-haired old men with bad breath.

Michael explains all of all the tough concepts clearly with plenty of funny and interesting real life stories and examples. He explains why we need to learn what we're learning. He knows all the places where students generally have trouble and can provide practice with carefully sequenced exercises. He includes strategies for solving math word problems and real-life physics and chemistry problems. Students respond well to his witty and irreverent style, his true stories of the weirder-than-hell people who invented the math and science we use today, and his gentle patience. He's one of those people with the gift of being able to understand difficult technical material -- and still talk like a human being.

Lessons are given in Michael's home office in the quiet, safe Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Oakland, CA. His office is walking distance (3 blocks) from Head Royce school, and a 10-15 minute drive from Oakland Tech, Piedmont High and Bishop O'Dowd. Lessons are generally one hour in length and cost $65/hr. To set up an introductory lesson, contact Michael today.