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Algebra 2

How Fraction Exponents Work

A simple explanation of why fraction exponents are the same as square roots. Copyright © 2016 by Michael Litzky

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The Zero Power

Another sample lesson: why is something to the zero power equal to one? Copyright © 2016 by Michael Litzky

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Summing An Arithmetic Series

This lesson is for students studying sequences and series. It explains the formula for summing an arithmetic series. It also tells an interesting story about how a ten-year-old boy figured out the formula. Behold: a mathematical proof made interesting and easy to follow! Copyright © 2011 by Michael Litzky

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Proving Basic Trig Identities

Some strategies for proving trigonometric identities. Copyright © 2012 by Michael Litzky

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Algebra 1

Saved by a Word Problem -- It Really Happens!

A lively and amusing example of using "guess and check" to write an equation to solve a word problem which got me out of a jam. Just like we teachers always tell you might happen someday: this really happened to me! Copyright © 2011 by Michael Litzky.

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